Another Great Win! by Cade Bennett

After Thursday’s win against our rival King’s Way, our Seton Boys’ Varsity Soccer team traveled to Doc Harris Stadium on Saturday to face an improved opponent: Castle Rock. Although we have a whopping 19 players, only 13 were eligible to participate in the match! That left our coaches with minimal options when it came to giving our starters a break. We had a very significant start, leading our foe 2 – 0 (Goals scored by Cade Bennett and Noah Fields). However, Castle Rock quickly retaliated after the half and knocked off 2 shots into our net. Knowing our time was minimal, with only 10 minutes left on the clock, we rapidly took to the offense. Shortly after, Patrick Ryan was able to drill a shot into the net, skillfully assisted by Seth Moore, and put Seton to a lead of 3 – 2. After a strong, but failed attempt by Castle Rock to attack and even the game, we were able to work the ball all the way to a corner kick. We needed someone to solidify the win and finish the job. James Johnson was this man. With a beautiful strike, James was able to curve the corner kick straight out of the goalies reach into the net. A perfect shot to end this suspenseful game! However, all that could not have been accomplished without the stellar play of every Seton Athlete on the field! Let’s keep our win streak going with our next game at White Salmon on Tuesday! GO COUGS!


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