“Stress” by Jennifer Bui, Seton Class of 2018

'16 Jennifer Bui Blog Pic

There are less than three months until school ends, and many people are already counting the remaining days.  However, besides the exciting atmosphere in the school, many students are standing on the edge of having a breakdown.  We made it to the third quarter, and there is only one more to get passed.  However, springtime is the season when not only plants and weeds emerge but also activities, tests, and for the seniors, college admissions.

The SAT is coming in April, May and June.  The ACT is also running towards us.  Advanced Placement tests get closer each day as May draws near.  Finals are hovering over our heads, waiting to land when June comes.  Many students are hardly getting their recommended eight hours of sleep; some as little as four or five.  Athletes are also active during this time of the year; such as soccer players or people that participate in track.  This season is when the gravity and rush could certainly be felt by anyone in the school.

However, Seton students are very supportive of each other.  When someone finds out their friends are “freaking out,” they quickly comfort them.  The phrase, “you’ll be fine,” is commonly heard throughout the school.  Little actions such as this might be too common to be considered special, yet they encourage people to keep going and finish what they started.  Moreover, they build the faith that students should have in themselves, that they could accomplish anything they want to if only they try their hardest.  Not only are the students encouraging, but the teachers as well.  Many teachers reduce homework on certain occasions, allow more work time during class, or simply hearten their students.  This supportive environment of Seton is what strikes me with the most awe.  I am honored to be a fellow student here and I am inspired by knowing that there are people supporting my decisions no matter what the circumstances might be.


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