4 Reasons Why I Chose Seton’s Drama Program, by Jennifer Bui, ’18

Just like sports, drama requires a huge amount of commitment and a desire to strive to a higher level of performance.  We have to stay after school until six o’ clock sometimes, if not later, and similar to sports, it takes teamwork to successfully perform a play or musical.  As a an over-achiever (as some friends call me), rehearsals occupy a significant amount of my time that could otherwise be used for studying and add some stress to my life as I try to manage my time efficiently.  So, why did I choose to join and stay in the Seton drama program?

  1.  There is so much space for creativity.  Actors don’t simply memorize lines and speak them; they explore a whole new angle in their personalities that they might not know existed, and the best part… you can be whomever and whatever you want to be (as long as you stay in character of course), and no one will label you as “weird.” After all, you’re just acting.
  2. We’re more than just a group of students that have to play our parts.  People in Seton drama are often seen together during lunch in the “drama hallway.” We’ve become more than people working with each other; we’re supporting and helping each other to be better everyday. We have become best friends.
  3. The experience is simply precious.  We’re all learning something new everyday, in addition to our acting, whether it is choreography, blending, tuning, or improving our voice quality, as a singer, I find it extremely helpful to work in these small groups because there is so much investment that our Director, Mrs. Scheurman and her friends, put into us.
  4. I consider it my privilege to watch people grow and blossom.  Have you ever watched a person’s journey, witnessed their struggles and felt proud for them when what doesn’t kill them makes them stronger?  I fell in love with watching my friends get better each rehearsal with their acting, singing, and gesturing.  I couldn’t be any happier when I saw them blossoming.

The time I’ve had with my friends while rehearsing for the Seton spring Musical, “The Addams Family” was beyond memorable and not to be taken for granted.  There were so many more reasons for me to pursue theatrical performance at Seton other than just acting and getting an activity on my resume. Because the love and fun I had with the cast and crew while preparing for our upcoming musical surpassed these things.  In addition, there was something invaluable that all of us shared that kept me involved in drama:  Friendship!


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