“Making History” by Tiana Scruggs, ’17

As Seton students we all live with the risk of having unlimited awkward moments when someone asks what school we go to.  The awkward moment occurs when you respond with, “I go to Seton Catholic,” and the other person stares at you blankly and then acts like they have heard of Seton even though one can tell from their expression, they have not.  As uncomfortable as those situations are, it’s actually one of the reasons I love going to Seton.  I love being a part of a school that is so new that making history is such a prominent part of my high school experience.

Seton is so full of opportunities.  The greatest opportunity that Seton provides for its students is the sense of community.  Every student knows that the good we do is not for show because let’s be real not many people have heard of Seton.  But I think that is the key.  The students have such an authentic heart for community.  Not just the community we live in, but also our community at school.

This year alone I have such a joyful heart looking back on all of the times Seton has made history.  I remember celebrating the girls’ soccer team going to state for the first time.  I remember seeing the guys start Seton’s first golf team.  I remember coming together with King’s Way (our rival school) and raising over $60,000 and thousands of pound of food for the Clark County Food Bank and St. Vincent De Paul.  I remember seeing our school emotionally rise together to raise over $2,000, collect toys, blankets and cards for the children at OHSU Doernbecher.  Seton has made history in so many ways throughout its existence.

The special part about celebrating all of these historical marks is that not a single one of these contributions to the community were done in vain.  In fact, they were done for the exact opposite reasons.  Seton Students have such an intimate community within themselves that the victory of doing good does not come from the glory of the deed but from the lives that were touched by the deed.  Some Seton students do not realize what a gift it is to be at Seton, but I know that I wouldn’t want to be at any other school.  Seton is not just a place where students come together to receive knowledge about history or math or science, any other school could give that to their students, however to me, Seton is a place where students learn to give and in that they receive so much more than an education.


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